STORY is more than just a clock; it’s a unique way to visualize time. Customize its orbit via a mobile app or manually. Set it to one minute or one year, its up to you.



An intricate dance of magnetic magic guides the chrome sphere while it moves around its orbit. Set a future date and STORY will travel one full orbit until you reach your destination. Starting at the 12 O’Clock position, STORY will complete one full orbit at the interval of your choice.



A special moment in life deserves its own way of telling its story as it unfolds. A new home, a new member in the family, a marathon, the most anticipated vacation to travel the world. Watch time being counted in a surprising way: with a defying gravity clock. The floating chrome sphere represents the hour, telling the time as it levitates around its wooden base.



STORY also works for your short term daily activities as well. A 1 hour meeting at the office? Use the TIMER mode and let STORY count it for you.

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