The bed is quick and easy to unroll and put away. It's a ready-made bed. No need for pumps. No need to stuff into any storage bags at the end of the trip. The Bundle Bed is for people who like to get out and about, without sacrificing a good night’s sleep. It is designed for people who like last-minute decisions and spontaneous plans.



Until now, portable beds have been uncomfortable, bulky or hard to set up. We’ve created a portable, comfortable and convenient solution for a night away in the comfort of your own bed. The Bundle Bed makes having fun with friends and family, getting out and about and seeing new things, easy to do.



James Clark and Lucy Bartlett are the co-founders of Bundle Beds. We love camping, love travelling, love having friends round to stay and most of all, love a good night’s sleep. We want to get more people out exploring with friends and family, to see more of the outdoors, to visit more festivals and to have the ease of friends being able to stay over at short notice. We wanted to create a bed that encouraged all of these things…the Bundle Bed does just that.



Adult's mattress – 190 cm long (the same length as a UK single adult bed) x 60 cm wide (the deduced optimum width for both comfort whilst being compact) x 5 cm deep (a super-deep, incredibly comfortable mattress).

Double Bed Sheet – 190 cm long x 120 cm wide. We have designed the adult beds so that they velcro together along the side of the mattress. We have created a jersey cotton double bed sheet that goes over the two beds, perfect for a romantic getaway!

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