There are many smartphone accessories on the market: credit card holders and sleeves, selfie grips, kickstands, flaps, loops, rings and bling. Quality varies. We asked, "What if there was one high quality product that could attach to your phone, keep your cards and cash secure, function as a selfie grip, as a kickstand, and give you a No Drop Grip?" We didn't find it so we invented the KardShark cell phone wallet. It's the Smarter Wallet so you can keep a grip on your phone and your important stuff.



The KardShark cell phone wallet works great for minimalists who choose to carry the bare essentials. It also works well for those who wish to max it out with up to 13 cards and cash. The flexible neoprene fabric and security flap with Velcro® brand hook and loop fastener, accommodate you either way.



The initial KardShark wallet idea was to have it stick permanently to the phone or case, but after evaluating customer feedback, we decided to redesign. The next version of KardShark, we'll make from the proceeds of the KickStarter campaign, will be detachable. A detachable version allows the user to keep the KardShark affixed to the phone when needed and removed when not desired. Examples include placing the KardShark in a cramped car phone holder, using a wireless charging pad, or washing your KardShark. You read that correctly. The KardShark cell phone wallet is machine washable. Please remove your phone before you do so. The detachable version also gives users the ability to swap out different color KardSharks for different occasions.



The KardShark cell phone wallet is available in a wide variety of neoprene fabric and logo color combinations. Because it's detachable you can have more than one on hand to suit your mood and style.

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