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Wat Phou, Cambodia

Located at the south of Laos, in Champasak Province near the Cambodian border, some 200 km from Angkor Wat and about a hour drive from Pakse on a good road, is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wat Phou (Vat Phou).

Silver Pagoda – What to See

Wat Preah Keo Morakot (Silver Pagoda) is located in the southern portion of the Royal Palace complex. The pagoda was formerly known as Wat Uborsoth Rotannaram because it is where the King worshiped, prayed and practiced every Buddhist Silas Day. In the additional, the royal family and officials also held Buddhist ceremonies there.

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

Cambodia is slowly recovering from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror. Major problems still exist: land mines, poverty and a devastated infrastructure. But the reconstruction and healing process is now well under way and increasing numbers of tourists are rediscovering Cambodia’s attractions. The stunning temples of Angkor are the obvious draw for most tourists, but the country has much else to offer: tropical beaches, colonial buildings and an abundance of natural attractions.

Top 5 Destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with an identity that is not easily overlooked. Whether getting to know a generation of people subjected to a genocidal regime, experiencing the ins and outs of a developing and pious civilization, or backpacking its plethora of stunning landmarks and terrain whilst residing in provincial bungalows by night, Cambodia is not an experience you will soon forget. For the adventurous traveler fixated on exploring the nooks and reality of Southeast Asia, one need look no further. Here are our suggestions for the top five destinations in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Kings Hung Temple – Spirit Destination in Vietnam

(IndochinaKings) Hung temple, locating on Nghia Linh mountain, Phong Châu district, Phú Thọ province, Vietnam is considered the most sacred of the historic sites. There is one of most famous spirit destinations in Vietnam. The area is a complex consisting of several temples dedicated to the worship of Hung Vuong - the first descendants the mythological founders of the Vietnamese, Lac Long Quan and Au Co.

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