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Khang Panya Lao Platform Reaches 100,000 Users in Laos

The sudden closure of schools and educational institutions to minimize the spread of COVID-19 risked the continuity of learning for over 1.7 million children...

Cambodian cuisine and products join world event, attracting public attention

On September 23-24, 2022, the embassy participated in the World Cultural Festival at Ankara Cermodern Culture Centre under the theme “Together, is Better Forever.” Many...

Cambodia Culture Week in Vietnam to open next week

The event is co-organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Cambodia on the...

Journey to Promote Indochina Records (P.333) Annamite Range: The longest mountain range in Indochina

The Annamite Range extends from upstream of the Ca River in Laos, bordering Nghe An province of Vietnam, to the southernmost point of Central...