New Caledonia features the world’s largest lagoon and second largest great barrier reef. The marine biodiversity of the archipelago is exceptional with over 9,000 identified rare and endemic species within the 23,000 square kilometres. The lagoon is home to major nesting sites for marine turtles and breeding areas for dugongs, humpback whales and seabirds. 

This magnificent playground is known as the water sports capital of the world. The lagoon and coral reef encircles two thirds of the main island. Exploring the turquoise water is incredible with discovering the bright coral, abundance of fish and other marine life. Adventure activities of diving, snorkelling, scuba diving and above the water parasailing, kitesurfing, fishing etc. there is always an experience to indulge in within the lagoon.

Sunset cruises, visits to islands including Duck Island, Escapade Island and Amedee Lighthouse Island to name a few are delightful options to include in itineraries to appreciate the finest and largest lagoon in the world.

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