The Gorakhpur Railway Station is located in the city of Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It has the world's longest railway platform. It serves as the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway. The station offers Class A-1 railway station facilities. On 6 October 2013, Gorakhpur became the world's longest railway platform, after inauguration of the remodelled Gorakhpur Yard, with a stretch of around 1.35 kilometres (0.84 mi).

Gorakhpur Junction railway station is a major railway station in the state of Uttar Pradesh especially in the Purvanchal region (Eastern Uttar Pradesh) and it connects Eastern Uttar Pradesh to Bihar, Nepal and Northern India to Bihar. Gorakhpur junction has many facilities like retiring rooms, waiting halls, (A/c) book stalls, Auto water machine, food stalls, restaurant, ATM, lift,and cabway facilities.

The cabway of Gorakhpur is longest in India it is located at both side of railway station.

A remodeling of the Gorakhpur railway station was launched in 2009. The remodeling work was completed on war-footing within the scheduled time. With the inauguration of the remodeled yard on 6 October 2013, Gorakhpur has a platform measuring 1,366.33 metres (4,482.7 ft) with ramp and 1,355.40 metres (4,446.9 ft) without it. At present, Gorakhpur has the world's longest railway platform, measuring 1,366m.

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