Protect yourself and family from potentially harmful dust particles and allergens! These collect on windows even when they look clean. Daily window cleaning is a must.

We all spend far too much time cleaning windows in our home. Since we’re not professional window cleaners, we end up streaking the window, using too much product, and potentially endangering ourselves to reach unsafe locations. Not to mention we miss out on doing the things we love!

That’s what inspired us to create the Limodo Window Wizard. 

This all-encompassing smart window cleaning robot is able to spotlessly shine your windows. All you do is fill it with your favorite cleaner and step away. The rest is history. With smart-cleaning technology and edge detection capability, your automatic cleaning robot will be able to handle every inch of cleaning so you don’t have to worry about it.

 With the Path Detection System, choose your path plan on the remote or app and the robot will automatically follow the set path and detect the size of the window and clean accordingly.

The Edge Detection System is a built-in smart system that uses sensors to detect and avoid the edges of the desired cleaning area, helping it to hug the very edge of the window so it effortlessly cleans all elements of your space. This system is what allows avoiding collision or falling off the edge. 

The secret ingredient of Window Wizard is a powerful suction system generating an internal vacuum that both keeps the Window Wizard firmly in place like magic and at the same time makes the unbelievably sparkling clean result possible. 

No power source next to a window? no problem!, we’ve embedded a 30-minute battery backup that will keep the Window Wizard from shutting down or failing to complete its intended cleaning path.

We believe convenience is a must and not a luxury. That is why we made it easy and convenient to control your Window Wizard either from the provided remote control or the dedicated app for IOS and Android.

Who wants to listen to the annoying noise that comes out of a vacuum cleaner or dishwasher? No one! That’s why we made the Window Wizard to be low-noise, so it can quickly clean all of your windows without undue attention.

Although the powerful suction system keeps the Limodo Window Wizard firmly in place, as an added precaution, the Window Wizard is equipped with a hook anti-fall system for your peace of mind.

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