AI can analyze customer data to provide personalized suggestions, such as travel itineraries or dining suggestions based on preferences, according to Animesh Patnaik, Business Research Specialist, CSM Tech. From writing SEO-optimized content, to optimizing rates, to automating customer care, AI is evolving and expanding.

AI is also present in hotel operations such as add-ons for hotel management systems used to automate room cleaning and room allocation processes, according to David-Jaya PIOT, Chairman of the Cambodia Hotel Association, Siem Reap.

However, processing and analyzing large amounts of customer data raises concerns about data privacy and cybersecurity, according to Randy Fadlila Nasser, Marcom Manager, Novotel Phnom Penh BKK 1. This may require robust measures to protect sensitive information. Staff may need to be trained to adapt to AI technology, and there may be resistance or fear of job loss, as reported in the Khmer Times.

Illustration of a worker at her desk, multitasking on her computer with the use of AI in government

With the advancements taking place in AI technology, the horizon for innovation in the hospitality industry continues to expand, promising exciting developments and new opportunities for hotels and customers, according to Jeremie Clement, CEO, Peninsula Phnom Penh.

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AI is not a replacement for human editing, instead, it should be used as a tool to help optimize processes, according to William Lake, co-owner of Olive & Lake. From my experience, when running a marketing company, AI has proven invaluable in managing multiple social media accounts, acting as a powerful productivity tool, according to Clemy Balasoto, owner of Phoenix Lab Asia. It has helped me increase productivity by up to 50% by saving time usually spent on mundane tasks.

Business travel leaders cautious on generative AI, tout benefits

With the development of AI, the Cambodian hospitality industry is witnessing a strong boom, opening up new opportunities for both businesses and customers.