Protecting the planet and its people – Holyfancy's backpacks and accessories are made of up-cycled, vegans and recycled materials. Empowering local productions and using sustainable sources. Holyfancy transforms PET bottles, tire-tubes, cotton scraps, kite sails, boat sails, and other materials into high-quality design. The production of our fabrics is also free from water and dye.

Did you know that 80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills? That is why are extremely engaged in transforming those bottles into a great raw-material. Helping to create a sustainable system for recycling 'waste' back into cool products.

Despite being a form of plastic, tires tubes cannot be recycled by local curbside recycling programs. Our mission is to give a second life to this strong material, by transforming it into high-quality backpacks and accessories.

Holyfancy recycles clothes and fashion waste that can’t be donated. Their fabrics are made from recycled cotton that do not require chemical processes, water and dyeing. These factors reduce the impact on the environment and increase the life cycle of products that would otherwise be discarded.

THE CLASSYPACK has a main interior compartment of 18 liters volume, where you can plug one of our accessories. On the back, you’ll find a separate pocket to transport your computer, folded clothes, book or whatever you need for your day. You’ll be able to choose different ways of closing your backpack which will change your style. 

THE SHOULDER BAG is a small version of the backpack, it also has a zipper on the back so you can store your precious items easily and safely. You also have different ways of closing the bag. You can even transform this shoulder bag in a small backpack or increase its volume by closing it differently.

THE BUM BAG is the most useful item ever! Whether you are travelling and want to keep your passport safe, going to the gym or just going to buy something right around the corner, you can use it as a wallet or cellphone pouch and always have it with you. You can also plug it in or on your backpack if you are tired of carrying it.

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