The 2BeSafe is as useful in everyday life as it is in an emergency. It gives you two USB charge ports – 1.2/2.4 V – that you can use to charge phones and devices, and its built-in 2200 mAh battery makes it a removable powerbank you can take with you to keep charging outside the car.

But in the event of a serious emergency, it's a super-accessible piece of emergency gear that could save a life. Pull off the kid-safe cover, and there's a hardened, high-carbon steel blade you can use to cut people free from jammed seatbelts. Hit a button on the side, and a spring-loaded, super hard, sharp pin pops out, ready to break any tempered glass car window and let you escape from a wreckage if the doors won't open.

It's also got a two-mode, long-endurance flashlight (4 hours in high mode, 20 hours in low mode), and a flashing red SOS beacon that'll operate for 28 hours if need be. All in a kit that sits right there in you car's cabin, not locked away in the trunk or glovebox where you might not be able to reach them in an emergency.

According to newatlas