You know what stinks? You, when you desperately need a shower but you can't take one. This could be after a super sweaty workout, a camping trip or any number of reasons. But we're not here to judge, we're here to help!

We found the perfect solution to keep you smelling and feeling fresh. The ShowerPill Body Wipe is a super-absorbent antibacterial wipe that works like a washcloth to clean your entire body. Each body wipe contains a proprietary cleansing formula that works like soap and water to remove sweat, dirt and body odor. It moisturizes skin and dries quickly, never leaving any kind of sticky residue behind.



The ShowerPill Body Wipe was created by three college athletes who needed a way to clean up and feel fresh when they weren't able to get to a shower. The wipes, which are four times thicker than baby wipes, were a hit other athletes, gym goers, campers, travelers, festival aficionados and beyond.



Each wipe is individually wrapped in a package created to withstand high temperatures and to be impervious to moisture, light and bacteria. Throw a few in your gym bag, your locker, your desk, your car or anywhere else you may need to get cleaned up fast.



If you want to stay fresh no matter what life throws at you, trust us: You need to keep a ShowerPill Body Wipe on hand. One pack contains 10 individually wrapped wipes — each of which can be used to save you from any number of sticky (and stinky) situations.

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