The beauty of Nha Xa silk brought the soft and charming silk to merchants and travelers coming here over years. According to legend, he who taught Nha Xa people weaving silks and catching fingerlings is Village Deity – Army General Tran Khanh Du, brilliant general in Tran Dynasty. During his trip on the Red River, he was drawed by scenic river bank,then he decided to guide Nha Xa people feeding river fingerling, sericulture, silk weaving… the weaving of Nha Xa also formed, preserved until today.

In early years of the twentieth century, Nha Xa silk products were available in more places and ranked only after Ha Dong Silk (Hanoi). Although each weaving households had to face with too much difficulties to find markets but most people have been trying to keep Nha Xa traditional weaving village which their ancestors left for.


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