Slide is the first retrofit smart curtain system that works with your existing curtains. It only takes two minutes to set up. Thanks to its wireless connectivity and integration with smart home platforms, the possibilities are endless. And don't worry: with Slide, you can still move your curtains by hand. With your help, we can bring Slide to your home. Join us, as we want to share some of the coolest and most powerful reasons to use Slide.



You can open and close your curtains directly from the Slide App. You can choose to install Slide for one or two curtains and even set how far they should be opened. You can also set timers to open and close them at a fixed time. If you want to, you can always continue to open and close them manually – Slide will automatically register it.

With Slide, getting out of bed will be easier than ever before. Connect Slide to the alarm clock on your phone and let your curtains gently wake you up with rays of bright sunlight in the morning.



During daytime you want to enjoy your window on the world around you, but at night you want to retreat to the peace and coziness of your home. You can set up Slide to automatically open and close your curtains when the sun rises and sets.

Did you know windows are the most poorly isolated part of a house? Curtains act as a natural barrier to keep heat in or out of your home. Using geofencing technology Slide can automatically close your curtains when everyone leaves the house until someone comes home. This way your curtains help you keep your house cool during the summer and preserve heat inside during cold winter months.



The Slide App features a special holiday mode. Tell the app how long you're gone for and how you want your curtains to act while you’re gone. Slide will open and close your curtains at random times within a pre-set range: for example ‘within an hour after sunset’. Burglars won’t even know you’re gone!

Unlock the full power of Slide through its integration with the popular If This Then That platform. With IFTTT you can set up Slide to work together with other smart home devices, including smart lights. Planning a romantic movie night? Just trigger the scene through your mobile or voice-activated smart home control and your curtains will know what to do. The possibilities are beyond imagination.

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