The reinforced fibers of the rip stop also create additional reinforcement and support around the puncture, which also aids in the repair function. The healing effect works very well on small punctures or lacerations which means we certainly don't recommend testing your new tent with big scissors or knives.





The NCT tent can be set up by anybody in 3 minutes or less. Less time setting up more time relaxing. It is also lightweight. Weighing only 8 lbs. The NCT Tent will sleep 3-4 people comfortably. With an abundance of room you won't have to worry about being crammed and uncomfortable.



With the water resistant coating, you won't have to worry about a rainy night ruining your camping trip. With the Easy Open Zip off Ventilated Mesh Windows, youʼll be sure to stay nice and cool in the summer heat. With the Tarpaulin bottom, you can rest assured that no moisture will ruin your morning.

According to kickstarter