If you commute by bicycle after dark, then you need lights. Not everyone wants a headlight cluttering up their handlebars, however, plus they may forget to bring it if they head out while the sun's still up. That's why LICHT Smart Grip was created. It's a set of bar grips that feature unobtrusive built-in head- and tail lights. We tried it out, to see if it's up to snuff.



The LICHT provides added visibility for those who enjoy riding their bikes day and night. With stretchy rubber grips, these universally-sized bike lights install easily on most bikes, and turn on with the simple press of a button.





Each LICHT unit takes the form of a regular bolt-on rubber handlebar grip, with a water-resistant solid aluminum electronics module that plugs into its outside end. That module contains an LED headlight, tail light, signal light, and two AA batteries that extend inside the handlebar tube.

According to kickstarter