Self-driving cars? Talking speakers? We've modernized just about every facet of domestic life except the way we wake up in the morning.  And last time we checked, it was pretty horrible. Who likes alarm clocks? Aren't alarms for burglars and fires?



Wakē is a clean-sheet approach that demonstrates how technology should treat us in the morning.  It's not another sleep tracker or gimmicky gadget – It's the start of a new wave of smart home devices designed for the bedroom. 

Wakē looks (and works) like a small reading light positioned above your headboard, but it's actually jammed with advanced electronics and capable of doing some impressive things.



Wakē uses a LED and special ("parametric") speaker to focus sound on one person in bed without disturbing your nearby partner.  Melodies played through the speaker start quietly and grow louder as Wakē's light beam grows brighter on your face. Since these effects are aimed solely at you, your wake-up can progress in a slow and natural way. The result is similar to waking up naturally on a weekend while a sunrise streams through your window.



The team developed Wakē's technology over the course of several years, and though loads of prototypes. The process wasn't easy or quick, but we finally got it nailed. Now we proudly can proclaim that our patented technology is the first ever to provide targeted light & sound to one person at a time. Check out the graphic below for an idea of what's inside:



As mentioned, Wakē uses a parametric speaker to focus sound to one person in bed rather than spreading sound everywhere.  Parametric speakers use the wizardry of multiple ultrasonic waves that combine to create an audible signal focused in a tight beam. We're not making this up! Google "Parametric Speaker" if you don't believe us. While this type of speaker isn't great for music, it's absolutely perfect to play simple melodies to wake you. 

According to kickstarter