The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit has 15+ features, including the fully inflatable hood, providing 360 degree support and supreme comfort, a pull-down eye mask for instant darkness, and a rear exit zipper for easy bathroom breaks!



The inflatable neck pillow is integrated into the jumpsuit, so you never have to worry about bringing your own again! Simply blow up the pillow using the easy-access toggle while wearing the jumpsuit – it’s quick and easy to inflate and deflate on the go.





Eliminate neck and back ache for good! This one-of-a-kind feature inflates in seconds via an internal toggle, creating a 360 degree pillow around your head. Paired with the inflatable neck pillow, you'll be the comfiest traveller wherever you go!



The integrated snooze cap is made of a stretchy soft jersey fabric. It folds out from inside the hood and over your eyes, creating complete darkness to help you drift off peacefully.

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