Combining the stand-on posture of kick scooters with the all-terrain prowess of ATVs, the four-wheeler can take on off-road trails like any quad in the market, so you can take it across trails, farms, and other areas with uneven terrain. Unlike traditional ATVs, though, it has a really narrow stance, allowing it to drive through tight openings that would otherwise be inaccessible, while the stand-on posture lets you maximize your view of what lies up ahead.

The Rogue10 Ripper is highly-undersized compared to your usual quads, measuring just 52 x 46.5 x 30.2 inches (length x height x width) and weighing 212 pounds. This makes it very easy to bring along to your outdoor adventures (one fits in the back of an SUV easy), with the outfit even claiming you can fit three of these things in the back of most pickup trucks. Seriously, that alone makes it a very interesting option if your group wants to explore the trails without punishing your legs.

It has two cargo racks, one in front and one in the back, giving you two places to stack whatever items you want to haul. Need it to transport supplies from one part of the farm to another? Not a problem. Want to carry a large cooler and a bag full of snacks to the nearby waterfall, so you can spend the day living it up? Yep, this will do the trick. Basically, if need to haul stuff in the wild whether for recreation or utility, this thing should have you covered. No word on maximum cargo load, but being more of a recreational machine for hunting, fishing, and camping, this probably isn’t designed for heavy-duty hauling.

The Rogue10 Ripper is powered by a 163cc Honda GX160 engine, which is most frequently used in compactors, tillers, and other industrial machines. As you can imagine, this isn’t very powerful, so the ATV only manages a top speed of 13mph. Sure, that sounds awfully slow if you’re into ATV trail racing, but if all you need is a rig for hauling stuff from the camp site to the hunting ground, this thing definitely delivers. Plus, the compact profile means you can bring it to areas that are normally only accessible on foot.

It has an independent suspension with adjustable shocks, so it should handle dips and bumps in a capable manner, while a live axle ensures both rear wheels are always engage, despite the ATV not being four-wheel drive. Other features include a wrist strap kill switch that automatically shuts down the engine when you fall off, folding handlebars (for easy transport), and even an optional seat kit, in case you prefer resting your legs throughout the drive.

The Rogue10 Ripper is available now, priced starting at $3,495.

According to coolthings.