The impressive 10th Caravan Library Departure Ceremony – 2019


Fleet of 200 cars in this journey


After a 9-year journey with 9 meaningful destinations, Caravan Library 2030 held periodically by the 2030 Business Club on August every year has left many good imprints with the enthusiasm of the passionate businessmen.

700 participants are businessmen and their family members


Up to now, the project has passed the 9-year journey to many remote areas, coming to the hearts and expectations of poor and difficult students. The journey of "10 YEARS – FULL OF CHAPI" is also the theme of Caravan Library 2030 – 2019 comes to Ninh Thuan province. The program took place in 3 days and 2 nights from August 2 to 4, 2019 with lots of imprints.

The 10th Caravan Library 2030 – 2019 program has continued to establish and break its own record which was established in 2016, with the most fleet of cars that carry businessmen in a caravan attracting 200 self-driving cars with 700 member of the delegation.



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