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The complex’s architecture is also different to most other Lao Wats. It was built in the Siamese style rather than the traditional Lao style, something that’s evident in both the styles of the Buddha statues and the ornate five-tiered roof on the buildings.

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It was very important at the beginning of the 19th century when only one pagoda remained after Vientiane was burnt down in 1829. Some of the Buddha images and artifacts remain including a big Buddha image, two copper Buddha images and 120 lime Buddha images reflecting the designs of the 19th century to the present time.

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Wat Sisaket was sponsored by a king. It houses artifacts made of gold, silver and many types of sapphire. It is a national heritage. Unfortunately, though a large number of things have gone and only a few of them remain.

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Wat Sisaket attracts tourists not only for its cultural value and religious ambiance, but also for its 6,840 precious bronze statues, some of them gold-inlaid. Wat Sisaket has the most Buddha statues of any temple in Laos. Besides, in here is also a museum where reserving over 8,000 valuable books. 

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