Watching this race, you can feel the bustling atmosphere cover the Racecourse. Because this is special festival where all the guys have their daily work and take care horses join in the race. All of the audiences are the local people and some tourist, they are eagerly awaiting the match are started. A big crowd around the stadium, cheering and betting for all riders. The atmosphere before the match like the Champions league of European, so noisy, excited and a little bit crazy and of course, I was gone into the Horse race too.

That’s amazing when the match was started. All of the riders is the guys who love horses and take care them. I’m sure in your mind, the Riders are the knight who are Highland white knights are tall, muscular and mighty. Actually, we call the Bac ha’s riders are the rustic farmers who has attracted the foreign and domestic tourists.

When you watch the horse races of ethnic minority highland Bac Ha, you will understand the difficulty and the bravery of the riders on the track. they are riding without Harness and Pedals hold his foot; only a  rectangular linen cloth on horseback. They control their horses by their deep skills and experiences that were handed down from previous generations.


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