That’s right, that awesome folding canoe is back (not to be confused with the one that makes folding kayaks), bearing improvements that should make it an even more exciting ride to take to your favorite paddling spots. According to the outfit, most of the improvements were made out of customer feedback, so the additions are primarily adjustments made from real-world experiences, ensuring it can perform better on the actual situations it’s used out in the wild.



The Onak 2.0 canoe that measures 183 x 33.5 inches (length x width), with enough room on deck to accommodate up to two individuals, so you can spend the day paddling with a partner in tow. A pair of click-in wooden seats allow those two paddlers to comfortably navigate the waters, with the boat able to support up to 550 pounds, so you can bring along some cargo even with a two-person party on board. It can collapse into a box that measures 16.9 x 48.4 x 11 inches, which is sized to mount into the accompanying trolley, allowing you to tow it behind you like a rolling suitcase or even hitch it to a bike for towing it like cargo. The collapsed size allows it to fit inside the boot of most cars, making it easy to bring along, wherever you’re spending the day.  According to the outfit, assembling the canoe from its collapsed state should take around 15 minutes, while disassembly takes just five minutes.




It’s made from a proprietary composite material called Honeycomb – Curv Polypropylene, which is supposedly lighter, stiffer, and even stronger than the aluminum used in classic canoes. All the fold lines, on the other hand, use a flexible material, ensuring it can be folded and unfolded multiple times without easily succumbing to wear.



Like its predecessor, the Onak 2.0 uses a strap system to keep the different parts in place. Unlike it, though, it has a new pulley system that allows you to tighten the straps with much less physical effort, apart from requiring no tools to put together.  The straps also stay permanently connected, so you never have to figure which buckle fits where, eliminating any of the confusion that plagued the previous iteration of the watercraft.



It has a low profile that should be familiar to anyone who rides traditional canoes, with a large flat area in the center that, according to the outfit, enables better stability and provides additional room for cargo. The accompanying trolley, by the way, comes with crossing straps for stable ground travel, as well as pneumatic wheels that should allow you to tow it comfortably even in off-road settings.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Onak 2.0. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €1,495.

According to coolthings