According to a report by the Vientiane Capital Public Security Office, authorities are to focus on noise caused by entertainment venues, sound originating from vehicles, and illegal fireworks and firecrackers.

Head of the Vientiane Capital Office of Public Security, Colonel Soukphachan Boudakham, says a total of seven categories of noise pollution have been identified in a recent Decision, but three categories will be the target of a major crackdown.

Under the Decision, entertainment venues, both indoor or outdoor, must ensure noise remains under 80 decibels (dB) and must close by 23:30 at night.

Sound originating from vehicles, such as cars and buses, must comply with vehicle technical standards, and noise levels produced by vehicles must not exceed 85 dB, and 7,5 meters from the measuring point.

Illegal street racing will lead to immediate detainment for 24 hours, with or without bail, and fines or prosecution.

Fireworks and firecrackers are fully prohibited by law, with the Decision stating that the use of such items is not a traditional custom of Laos and can pose a danger to the community.

Noise pollution has remained one of the biggest concerns by residents of Vientiane Capital, which has a population estimated at over 800,000.

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