Lao people believe that a human being is a union of thirty-two organs, each has a spirit or Khuan (Lao word for spirit) to protect them. These spirits often wander outside the body causing an unbalance of the soul which might lead to an illness. The tying of the white string represents the tying of the 32 spirits to the body putting them back in harmony as well as bringing good luck and prosperity.

The Baci ceremony is held on many different occasions or events throughout the year. It can be held any day of the week though it has to be on a good day in the lunar calendar. These good days are known to elders, senior monks, or ex-monks. The ceremony can be held for both sad times and happy times.

The ceremony is held for happy occasions like weddings, welcoming guests, Lao New Year, house warmings, home comings and other such occasions. A mother and her newborn baby are given a Baci, after the mother has recovered, to welcome the baby as well as to call back the spirits of the mothers that might be wandering away through the childbearing.

The ceremony is also held to raise spirits when someone is weak (physically and spiritually). After someone in the family has passed away a Baci ceremony is held as it is believed to enhance the spirits and reinforce the harmony of the rest of the family members after having been through a sad time.

The rite was carried out by an elderly person in the village and they had been a Buddhist for some time. The pah kwan or flower trays are well prepared by the people to ensure the ceremony is celebrated in the most respectable way. Normally, pah wan is prepared by older women in the family. A special thing for flowers, they are decorated with many different colors with many meanings for example dok huk is a symbol of love, dok sampi is a long life, dok daohuang is happiness, and so on.

At the end of the Baci ceremony, there is a small party for the guests. They will be savored some bowls of traditional local rice wine. Next, visitors can immerse themselves in the music along with the traditional Lao dance.

At the Baci ceremony, the white thread is considered the symbol of the Baci ceremony. Because Laotian people believe that if there is a white cord or cotton tied to the right hand, luck and happiness will come to them. Before tieing the thread, a hand is put in the chest as a sign of respect. White thread is also understood that peace, harmony, good luck, good health. Moreover, it will not be cut at least in 3 days.

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