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Project Overview

The Monsoon Wind Power Project is poised to supply generated renewable energy to central Vietnam via a 500kV transmission line. Not only does this project address Vietnam’s escalating energy demands, but it also unlocks Laos’ untapped wind resource potential.

Social and Economic Impact

PowerChina to build Laos' 1st wind power project - Chinadaily.com.cn

The project promises manifold social and economic benefits for Laos, including job creation, infrastructural enhancements, regional connectivity bolstering, and revenue increase through royalties and taxes collection.

Implementation Progress

Laos eyes developing wind farms | Nhan Dan Online

Approved on September 12, 2022, the project reached a significant milestone on November 9, 2023, with the inauguration ceremony of the first wind turbine in Laos, orchestrated by Monsoon Wind Power Company. This event symbolizes collaborative efforts involving all stakeholders, spanning from the local to provincial and central Laotian governments.

Encompassing an area of approximately 708.28 kmĀ² (70,828 ha) and elevations ranging from 1,200m to 1,600m above sea level, the wind farm signifies a colossal investment totaling USD 950 million. Expected to mitigate around 35 million tons of carbon emissions over its operational lifespan, the Monsoon Wind Power Project simultaneously creates employment opportunities and boosts income for local residents. This initiative contributes to transforming Laos into the “battery” of Indochina (and Southeast Asia) in the energy sector.

The Monsoon Wind Power Project marks a pivotal stride in tapping into renewable energy sources, aligning with the region’s sustainable development objectives. With its massive scale and far-reaching impact, this project not only propels the advancement of renewable energy in Laos but also contributes to ensuring energy security across the Indochinese region.