Dr. PhD. Vo Van Nhan is a pioneer in complex techniques in the Implant industry such as relocating lower jaw nerve in dental implants, implanting cheekbones for patients with upper jawbone damaged, implant cheekbones combined with relocating lower alveolar nerves and concurrent dental implants in the tooth restoration process for patients with dysplastic tooth production, thus creating new breakthroughs in Vietnams’ dental implantation.

The most remarkable achievement that has marked the remarkable development of Vietnamese implants is the dental implant work for patients with congenital absence of teeth by the parallel implementation of 2 complex techniques, which is to move the nerve and implant the cheekbone implant for the patient in 2017.

BS. Vo Van Nhan is also the first Vietnamese doctor to successfully apply the X-guide nagiviation system in Implant.

In addition, the Doctor is also a Reporter at national and international scientific forums, winning many prestigious scientific research awards.

According to hiu.vn, drnhan.vn