The traditional game of “tikhy” or “tikhee” is played between a team consisted of festival participants (local people) and a team consisted of civil servants, which in the past were dressed in red. The game starts with a procession, before the game starts, the master of ceremonies leads the local people, holding a magbeng, to bring the ball (Louk khee) from the Town Hall where it is being stored. The modern ball is made of bamboo roots and has a spherical shape and golden colour. After that, the whole procession gathers near That Luang Stupa and circle it three times. Then they bring the ball to the pitch while everyone gathers to watch the match.

This is a variation of Lao hockey, in which the participants use bamboo sticks to direct the ball into the opposite goal. It requires a certain set of skills, as the bamboo sticks are not in a perfect shape and the ball is not perfectly round and smooth. Each team consists of 50 members, half of which plays in the first part while the other half plays in the second part. Each of them lasts 25 minutes.

Winning the game means that the people will not suffer from hunger, while luck and prosperity will be with them for the whole year. The game is being held in a rather positive spirit in order to enhance the relationship between local people and civil servants. The participants are cheered on by the crowd, which does not strain from dances and singing.