According to the theme of the event "Journey to promote and honor the valuable content of records", VietKings announced and recognized world records, Asia records, Indochina records and Vietnam records of Vietnamese as well as honored and thanked for  dedication of record holders and the companies or organizations who own the records which have high valuable content in the past period.

The participants of the event were representatives of Central Ministries, Representative of provinces, cities in Vietnam, leaders of Vietnam  Record Holders Association, Council of Advisors, Establishment Council, Board of Editors of Vietnam Book of Records, journalists, other distinguished guests and especially record holder community. 

There are some photos of the event.

Vo Thanh Trang Trumpet Team (a team owns a Vietnam record) performed to welcome guest.

Guests in the event

 Kungfu Unicorn Dance Team of Record Holder Tran Quang Hien performed to open the event.

PhD. Le Doan Hop – the Former Minister of Information and Communications, Chairman of Establishment Council of Vietnam Book of Records beat the drum to open the event.

PhD. Thang Van Phuc – the Former Deputy Minister of Vietnam Home Affairs, Chairman of Central of Vietnam Record Holders Association.