Joining in the activity of wrapping chung cake, Ms. Trinh Thi Tam said that this is a very meaningful and practical activity to help students of the school understand customs and practices of traditional Tet holiday. She expressed her hope that in the year of the Ox, teachers and students of the Lao-Vietnam Bilingual School Nguyen Du will continue to succeed in learning and teaching to contribute positively to the development of Laos as well as the relationship between Laos and Vietnam.

To prepare for this activity, ingredients such as glutinous rice, dong leaves, green beans, pork … have been previously selected and processed by teachers and students. After being taught how to wrap chung cake properly, the children would make their own cake.

Not only Vietnamese students, but also Laotian students, are also meticulously instructed on how to cut leaves and how to wrap the cake. For many students, this is the first chung cake that they ever made, so they felt very excited and proud.

The Tet holiday activity organized by the Lao-Vietnam Bilingual School Nguyen Du has attracted hundreds of students and teachers to participate. This is a healthy playground that helped Vietnamese as well as Laotian students understand more about the traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam, and at the same time created a bond between students of the two countries and a bond between students and school teachers.

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