It is considered as a major event of the Cinema of Vietnam with awards for numerous categories ranging from feature film to documentary film, and animated film.

The first Vietnam Film Festival was held from August 18 to August 25, 1970, in Hanoi following an issue of the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture with the purpose of “encouraging the development of the national cinema”.

For each festival, there are several juries of 7 to 11 members for different categories of feature film, direct-to-video, animated film and documentary film. The most prestigious prize of the festival is the Golden Lotus (Bông sen vàng) followed by the Silver Lotus and the Jury Prize.

In addition to the usual awards that have been around for a long time, some awards have just emerged such as the Press Choice Award for Best Feature Film, voted by journalists (2009), the Award for Films on War and Revolution awarded by the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army (2015), the Best Feature Film Award and the Best First Feature Film Director Award (2022).

Normally, Vietnam Film Festival is held every two or three years in different host cities across Vietnam, however, this schedule is not kept strictly and there are many gaps (as from 2002-2004 didn’t have any festival).

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