As international travel is slowly but steadily coming up to speed after over two years of Covid-19 disruptions, CNN has recommended a list of 23 countries that deserve a visit in the new year. And Laos, a country that has always been a favorite of travelers reveling in the joys of slow travel, is one of them.

The article says, “thanks to the 2021 opening of a semi-high-speed railway, it’s easier than ever to get around the country at a quicker pace, shaving hours off journeys that previously took full days to travel.”

It also points out that tourists might have to make some tough choices as from the north to the south of the country, there is plenty to see in Laos.

“Towering karst peaks await visitors to adventure-haven Vang Vieng, while UNESCO-listed Luang Prabang is filled with French-colonial heritage, Buddhist ritual, and natural beauty. (Luxury seekers will want to check into the Rosewood Luang Prabang, with its stylish hilltop tents)

“The mysterious Plain of Jars, a megalithic archaeological site, can be found in the Xieng Khouang Plateau. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience that makes a difference, head for Bokeo Province and join one of the Gibbon Experience’s overnight treks. Guests of this tourism-based conservation project spend the night in the world’s tallest treehouses — only accessible by zipline — among wild, black-crested gibbons,” it adds.

Prominent global media outlets like Wanderlust and Fodor’s, have also echoed the sentiment that Laos should feature in every traveler’s bucket list in 2023.

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