The CIS Roller Dome is a sports facility open to the public geared toward sports such as figure skating, in-line skating, hockey, martial arts, fencing, dance, and yoga.

The air dome is a large clear span, covered with one or more layers of special PVC-coated fabric and anchored to the ground, under internal pressure and without any kind of construction; the pressurized air is the main construction element. This structure is often used to house facilities for various sports and recreational activities. It is seen as a cost-effective solution to the problem associated with building massive and costly sports-related infrastructure.

The CIS Roller air dome was designed and assembled by DUOL, a world-leading manufacturer of air domes.

The main feature of the CIS Roller air dome is the inline hockey rink constructed by Cascadia Sports of Canada with an area of 800m2. The specialised floor tiles for the rink were supplied by a US company called Ice Court. It is considered to be among the best inline hockey rinks in the region.

The air dome is also equipped with player benches, penalty boxes, timekeeper’s box, scoreboard, player changerooms, surround-sound speakers and spectator seating and viewing available for 400 people.

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