Founded in 2009 when the first LGBT Pride Week was held, RoCK aims to see a Cambodia in which LGBTIQ citizens can feel happy to be who they are and live happy lives​ by having their rights protected and receiving full and equal respect and acceptance from all sectors of society, most especially families, communities, and authorities.

RoCK advances this vision through improving the lives of LGBTIQ people in Cambodia so that LGBTIQ people feel confident to be who they are, ensuring that LGBTIQ peoples’ rights are recognized and respected by society, and that families and communities understand and accept LGBTIQ people, and ensuring that LGBTIQ people have a secure livelihood with decreased stigma and discrimination and strengthened solidarity and self-help among the LGBTIQ community.

RoCK’s two main programs are: (i) organising and empowering LGBTIQ members across all 25 provinces in Cambodia to advocate for their rights and mobilise support from local authorities and the public; (ii) advocating for change through media, communications and events on the rights of LGBTIQ people, including marriage, adoption, gender recognition and anti-discrimination.

RoCK’s activities are all based on the six core values they adhere to: Diversity and solidarity, Accountability and transparency, Empowerment, Adaptability & Creativity, Communication, and Activism.

In 2014, RoCK registered as an NGO with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior, becoming the first organization in Cambodia entirely dedicated to LGBTIQ rights and advocacy.

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