The Rite Press recently smashed through its initial Indiegogo campaign, raising well over US2 million by adding some simple tweaks to an old low-tech device. First up, the Rite Press comes with a built-in thermometer guiding you towards the ideal water temperature for brewing coffee. With a green zone calibrated at 198° F (92° C) this will make sure you don't overheat your precious coffee beans.

Secondly, the Rite Press has a magnetic hourglass timer that sticks to the shaft of the device. The time is set for exactly three minutes and 30 seconds, so when the sand is finished flowing your coffee is ready to be plunged.

The wireless charging pad itself, which is a Qi charger, is covered in a brown, black, or blue leather, depending on your choice, while the mouse pad portion uses wool fiber over a felt base. It can be plugged directly into your laptop or computer, and the company is advertising it as portable, in that you can fold it up and wrap the cable to fasten it into a neat rectangle only slightly larger than a standard pocketbook.

Takieso is estimating a ship date of August 2018, but as a Kickstarter project, make sure to take that with a grain of salt. The company is only asking for $15,000, and it’s already one-third of the way there with 45 days to go. So it’s likely the campaign will hit its goal unless it runs into any unforeseen snags.

That said, mouse pads are a bit of a dying breed, especially in the era of built-in and wireless trackpads, as well as laser and optical mice that can track pretty much any surface. The wireless charging aspect is also a bit gimmicky, given that you could just plug your phone into your computer to get a faster charging rate. The device is also USB-A, which is a bit inexplicable in 2018. (The campaign does offer a pledge tier for $35 that includes a USB-C adapter, in the event you have a newer laptop.)