The Rite Press recently smashed through its initial Indiegogo campaign, raising well over US2 million by adding some simple tweaks to an old low-tech device. First up, the Rite Press comes with a built-in thermometer guiding you towards the ideal water temperature for brewing coffee. With a green zone calibrated at 198° F (92° C) this will make sure you don't overheat your precious coffee beans.

Secondly, the Rite Press has a magnetic hourglass timer that sticks to the shaft of the device. The time is set for exactly three minutes and 30 seconds, so when the sand is finished flowing your coffee is ready to be plunged.

The Rite Press has also solved one of the most frustrating problems with a classic French Press – cleaning out the used coffee grounds. The patented design incorporates a removable bottom that simply screws off, letting you easily empty out the sludgy coffee waste.

The entire device is built with double wall insulation to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for significantly longer than a traditional glass press. A tea kit has also been developed with three different hourglass timers calibrated to the perfect steeping duration for several types of tea.

For a limited time, the Rite Press is currently selling at discounted prices following its impressive crowdfunding campaign. It comes in two colors, Silver or Matte Black, and two sizes, one liter or a half liter. Prices start at US$45 for the Silver 1/2 liter model and go up to $60 for the Black 1 liter model, but it's a little cheaper if you buy a pair. You can also get a pretty stylish ceramic model for $85.

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