Chairing a meeting discussing adjustments to the master plan for the development of Da Nang until 2030, with a vision to 2045, in Hanoi on March 1, the Government leader lauded the central coastal city for its close coordination with ministries, sectors and advisory units, and serious collection of opinions from local people and socio-economic organisations during the planning process.

PM Phuc agreed with the vision determining Da Nang as a key tourism & service city, a centre of Vietnam’s maritime economy, a gateway on the East-West Economic Corridor, and a safe city worth living in, but he emphasised the need to clarify what the concept “worth-living” truly means.

As a city boasting one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, Da Nang should pay more attention to wastewater and climate change issues, the leader said, suggesting the city seek new development drivers apart from tourism.

He stressed the policy of combating group interest in the implementation and adjustment of the plan and the need to fight corruption and negative acts in the implementation of the detailed plan, while asking for the development of a mechanism monitoring the process, and any adjustments in either the plan or its functional subdivisions.

The planning work must go in hand with the realisation, the PM insisted.

The new regulations are on compulsory civil liability issuance, jobs subject to early retirement, and dimensional poverty line for 2022-2025

Compulsory civil liability issuance for motor vehicle users

The decree, which took effect from March 1, prescribes compulsory civil liability insurance of motor vehicle users.

For motorcycles, motorized tricycles, mopeds (including electric mopeds) and similar vehicles according to Law on Road Traffic, the minimum insurance duration is one year and the maximum insurance duration is three years.

For other motor vehicles, the minimum insurance period is one year and the maximum insurance duration shall conform to valid period of periodic technical safety and environmental protection inspection which has more than 1 year of valid period.

Over 1,800 jobs subject to early retirement

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs promulgated Circular No. 11/2020/TT-BLDTBXH dated November 12, 2020 on the list of heavy, hazardous, dangerous jobs or occupations and extremely heavy, hazardous, dangerous jobs or occupations.

Under Clause 3, Article 169 of the Labor Code 2019, an employee who is not covered by compulsory social insurance, health insurance or unemployment insurance schemes, the employer is responsible for paying, at the same time, an amount which is equivalent to the employer’s contribution rate of compulsory social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance schemes in accordance with provisions of the law on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance, and annual leave payment in accordance with the regulations.

Under Clause 3, Article 169 of the Labor Law 2019, an employee who suffer from work capacity reduction, doing laborious, toxic or dangerous works, working in highly disadvantaged areas may retire up to five years earlier than the normal retirement age.

The Circular came into force from March 1.

Viet Nam begins national economic census

The General Statistics Office (GSO) started 2021 economic census nationwide from March 1 in order to have the insight into the current status of the economy.

The census targets to evaluate the growth in quantity, size, and labor of economic establishments, performance of businesses, level of technological application thereby, using it as a basis to set out socio-economic development strategies in the coming time, meeting the management requirements of the Party, State, ministries, industries, and localities.

The census applies Web-form and computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) data collection methods.

As schedule, the 2021 economic census will take place nationwide in two phases, with the first one from March 1 to May 30 and the second one from July 1 to July 30.

Primary data may be announced this December and official results will be made public in the second quarter of 2022, VGP said.

Deputy FM highlights growing cooperation in ASEM

Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son has written an article highlighting the potential of growing cooperation in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), on the occasion of its 25th founding anniversary on March 1.

Over the last 25 years, Vietnam has made dynamic and responsible contributions to significant milestones in ASEM’s development as well as to the enhancement of the forum’s role and stature.

The country has been assessed as one of the most active members in initiating, proposing, and promoting new cooperation ideas, Son noted.

Through cooperation initiatives, Vietnam and other ASEM member countries have advocated peace, security, and stability, handled urgent issues, and raised issues of common concern.

Joining ASEM cooperation has not only helped Vietnam improve its position and role in the international arena but also benefited its security and development.

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