Novosibirsk Metro Bridge is a metro bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk, Russia. It connects the stations Studencheskaya and Rechnoy Vokzal of the Leninskaya Line of the Novosibirsk Metro. It is the longest covered metro bridge in the world.

The project design of the bridge across the Ob River was developed by leading design institutions of the country – Lengipromost and Novosibmetroproekt.  In August 1980, the construction started. 

The total length of the structure is 2,145 meters. The length of the span is 896 meters. It is a continuous steel beam on reinforced concrete bridge pillars. The bridge was completed on 7 January 1986. The Ob River is ranked the 7th in the list of the longest rivers in the world and it has the absolute longest estuary. 

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