Mammoet (Dutch for mammoth) is a privately held Dutch company specializing in engineered heavy lifting and transport of oversized and heavy objects.

Mammoet’s history started on 13 May 1807 in the Netherlands, when Dutch entrepreneur Jan Goedkoop founded a maritime company at the age of 25, with the purchase of a 140-ton cargo vessel.

The company is active in the petrochemical industry, the energy sector, and off-shore and civil construction. Globally, approximately 5,000 people work for the company, in about 90 offices and branches. The head office of the holding company is located in Utrecht.

The company operates in various markets from infrastructure, mining and ports to nuclear and petrochemical. With a fleet of 528 wheeled mobile cranes, and 136 lattice units, Mammoet tops the list of the world’s largest crane companies in terms of lifting capacity.

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