A gorge carved by the Dades River separates Atlas and Anti-Atlas (or Lesser Atlas) mountain range. Recently the gorge and neighboring Berberian kasbahs became a popular tourist attraction.


The Dades Valley, also known as a Road of a thousand Kasbahs, stretches 160 km (100 mi) from Ouarzazate to the east of Tineghir. The winding road offers stunning views to the gorge and historic kasbahs. Tourists often refer to this as the most memorable experience in Morocco.



The winding road inside the Dades Gorge was an absolute highlight of our visit. Driving Morocco’s famous zig zag road by car was quite adventurous but perfectly safe. After a set of hairpins turns, you will get rewarded with stunning views from the top.



After driving this zig zag road, we recommend to continue the road (approx. 15 km) for exploring a bit more of the breathtaking scenery. The landscapes are amazing there!



Hikers can explore even more amazing landscapes. Tour guides help visitors discover amazing rock formations. Walking in the gorge is particularly breathtaking, as some paths are engraved deep between the precipitous rocky walls.

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