This portable dental kit includes everything you need to maintain your oral hygiene routine while you are on the go. Lightweight at only 105 grams and measuring just five inches tall, OnlyBrush is designed as a pocket-size dental kit that can fit in your purse, your desk, or your carry-on luggage.



For extended travel, you can use your wireless charging pad or USB-C cable to charge OnlyBrush. If you ever forget where your OnlyBrush is, Siri, Google Assistant, and your AirPods can find it for you, completely hands-free. Different from other electric toothbrushes, you start your favorite mode with just a single push.



The HiQ app helps you schedule your brushing time, lock your toothbrush, and access brushing instructions. The brush head of the OnlyBrush is made with nanotechnology and suits everyone including those with sensitive or bleeding gums. Finally, OnlyBrush comes with eight replacement heads to minimize the carbon and costs of quarterly refill shipping.

According to thegadgetflow