Tropfest is the world's largest short film festival. It has also become known as the world's first global film festival.

Founded by actor/director John Polson, Tropfest began in 1993 as a screening for 200 people at the 'Tropicana Caffe' in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia, but has since become the largest platform for short films in the world.

Tropfest Australia usually takes place in February each year in Sydney and it has been broadcast live via free-to-air television as well as global streaming and catch up. 

Tropfest differs from other cinema events by being a "content generation" platform, rather than an exhibition platform. Filmmakers are required to create new works for the festival which must include an item, known as the "Tropfest Signature Item" (TSI) and which changes each year.

The films must be less than 7 minutes (including titles and credits) and be world premieres at the Tropfest event.

The main event from 1993 to 2016 took place in Sydney but live satellite events have also been staged in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and other cities. The event has been broadcast live on television by ABC Comedy, Movie Network, SBS and other networks and webcast to viewers around Australia and the world.

Tropfest has expanded to locations around the world including Japan, Turkey, Africa, Abu Dhabi, London, Berlin, Toronto, Bangkok, and New York City.

Each year, Tropfest requires that entries include a particular "signature item" or action to ensure that they are unique and are made specifically for the festival. No TSI was required for the 1993 festival. The following are TSIs by year:

Each year tropfest theme:

2019 – Candle 2005 – Umbrella
2018 – Rose                              2004 – Hook
2017 – Pineapple 2003 – Rock
2015 – Card 2002 – Match
2014 – Mirror 2001 – Horn
2013 – December – Change 2000 – Bug
2013 – February – Balloon 1999 – Chopsticks
2012 – Lightbulb 1998 – Kiss
2011 – Key 1997 – Pickle
2010 – Dice 1996 – Teaspoon
2009 – Spring 1995 – Coffee Bean               
2008 – The number 8 1994 – Muffin
2007 – Sneeze 1993 – No TSI
2006 – Bubble  

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