The Sun Picture Gardens (also known as Sun Pictures) is the world's oldest picture gardens still in operation. It is located in Broome, Western Australia. Unlike most outdoor cinemas, it screens multiple films per night; the majority of outdoor cinemas screen one or two films a week.


After Broome was established, a Chinatown area emerged after the town became home to a large Asian population. The Yamsaki family opened a store on Carnarvon Street in 1903, selling Asian clothing, food stuffs and other Asian goods. Their love of theatre eventually led them to devoting part of the building to a Noh theatre. In 1913, the building was purchased by master pearler Ted Hunter, who began converting the store into a cinema.

Sun Pictures opened on 9 December 1916, with a full house. The first film to be played was a racing drama called Kissing Cup. The most played song was "If You Were the Only Girl (In the World)". In 1924, Sun Pictures was purchased by W.H. Milner and Leonard R. Knight; their wives manning the box office and handling public relations.

Almost every night, the cinema would be flooded. Some claimed you could catch a fish during the screening. 

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