The Mudanjiang Mega dairy farm is located Northeast of China and is the world’s largest. It marks a 1bn yuan (123 million euros) collaboration between Russian and Chinese investors.

The farm is 50 times bigger than the biggest dairy farm in the UK, which has around 2,000 cows and three times bigger than the largest in the US, with 30,000 cows. It is mind-boggling to imagine the scale of such a farm and the fact that it can produce 800m liters of milk a year.

Dairy cows were imported into China from Australia, New Zealand, and Uruguay. Cows are kept inside and fed a mix of grains and fodder instead of grazing on large tracks of land like they would in Australia. Land in China is limited and applying the American farming model was most suitable for the Chinese dairy system.

Following the American model, the cows are kept indoors all year round living in dark sheds with limited access to the sun. However, adequate ventilation and sand bedding, which is changed twice a day, are maintained for the comfort of the cows. The cows are milked three times a day for an 8min cycle on a rotary system. 

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