China Hongqiao Group Limited is a Chinese aluminum producer founded in 1994. Hongqiao has surpassed its main competitor, UC Rusal, in 2015 and became the largest aluminum producer in the world.

The company's founder and Chairman, Zhang Shiping. China Hongqiao started producing aluminum and generating electricity in 2002. 

Shandong Hongqiao was later renamed China Hongqiao Group. The company acquired a thermal energy provider Aluminum & Power in June 2006, and reoriented to aluminum production a few months later. 

In March 2011, Hongqiao was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange at a price of $7.20 per share. The IPO reached raised $2.2. In the meantime, the company's annual production capacity reached 1.1 million tonnes per year.

According to the company's own data, the annual aluminum production exceeded four million tonnes in 2014. 

In March 2016, China Hongqiao Group Ltd. announced that it would expand capacity to six million metric tons per annum, or sixteen percent, by the end of 2016, depending on market conditions.

It has now more than 600 million tons of production capacity. The company's subsidiaries include Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum Power Co., Ltd., Huimin Huihong New Aluminum Profiles Co., Ltd. and Hongqiao Investment (Hong Kong) Limited.

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