Holographic Studios, located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, is the world's oldest gallery of holography. It was founded in 1979 by Jason Sapan, one of the pioneers of holography. The storefront level gallery features the world's largest collection of motion image integral holograms. 


On display in the gallery are a variety of different types of holographic images, including a collection of celebrity hologram portraits. There are also cylindrical 360° floating images, multiple image holograms that change as you walk by, and computer generated holograms as well as a selection of novelty hologram items and stickers.


Directly below the gallery is the laser laboratory where holograms are created. Holographic Studios creates custom holograms, holographic portraits, offers classes, and operates tours.


Over the decades, the studio has filmed portrait holograms of Andy Warhol, President Bill Clinton, Isaac Asimov, NYC Mayor Ed Koch, Prime Minister Edward Heath, Pierre Cardin…

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