The world’s first “smart mini-city” is coming to Vegas. Dubbed Bleutech Park, the $7.5 billion real estate project is scheduled to break ground this December and will take approximately six years to come to fruition. 

Funded by real estate investment trust Bleutech Park Properties Inc., the mini-city will run on renewable energy sources—which means it’s 100 percent grid-independent—and feature net-zero buildings that are comprised of energy-generating and breathable materials:

The façades will utilize photovoltaic glass, which converts light into electricity, while the flooring capitalizes on the energy produced by people for things like heating and cooling.

The cutting-edge structures will be balanced by a network of “supertrees” which promise to reduce imported water consumption by 95 percent and also improve biodiversity. The mini-city will boast on-site water purification and waste treatment, as well as localized air cleaning.

The company describes Bleutech Park as a “new high-tech biome” in the desert valley that aims to change the future of design with “amazing technologies.”

Bleutech aims to push the envelope when it comes to construction of the city itself. Unmanned drones will tackle those hard-to-reach places, and construction workers will don wearable tech. Meanwhile, robotics and biometrics will inform the state-of-the-art security system.

“Bleutech believes in the rise of digitization and robotics in construction as this will increase productivity and efficiency. Wearable technology will increase workplace safety, particularly in heavy lifting and repetition,” said Bleutech executive Bertrand Dano. (The company plans to create more than 25,000 positions for the project—so no need to worry about robots stealing jobs just yet).

Green technology and innovation aside, Bleutech said it is also tackling the affordable housing crisis. In addition to the luxury housing, offices, retail spaces, hotels and entertainment venues—the mini-city will also include “Workfore Housing” for people who serve the community (nurses, teachers, firemen, police officers etc.).

According to robbreport