Alaska Airlines is the first airline in the world to allow customers to check in and print boarding pass via internet. 

The new check-in process represents a monumental leap in airline customer convenience. For the first time ever, airline customers will not only be able to check in online, but print their own boarding pass at their home or office, allowing them to arrive at the airport and proceed directly to the gate without stopping.

Customers can already bypass long ticket lines by using one of 200-plus Instant Travel Machines or ITMs located at 30 airports the carrier serves. 

This new process means that every computer is effectively an Instant Travel Machine. That means our customers can now check in for any city from anywhere they can access the Internet.

The new process will be available for customers checking in more than one hour before departure for any flights that day.


After confirming their check-in information, customers can print a boarding pass from their home or office printer and proceed directly to the airport. In the future, the boarding pass will include a barcode that can be scanned at the gate to speed the boarding process.


Customers must still present a picture ID to a customer service agent before boarding their flight. However, Alaska is currently conducting a test in Seattle that uses the barcode to call up stored photographs of participating frequent flyers.


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