A two-meter long cluster of squid eggs has been captured on camera. The astonishing sight was pictured at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef by Brooke Nikora, who works at dive company Ocean Safari. The amazing underwater sight – which resembles a giant slinky toy – is actually a mass of about 40,000 eggs all moving together.

Manager Kellie Roberts told Daily Mail Australia Ms Nikora ‘had never seen anything like it before’. ‘It was quite an exciting moment. We had to speak to a bunch of experts until one told us they were diamondback squid eggs,’ she said.

The spiral of squid eggs, formally known as thysanoteuthis rhombus egg masses, are held together underwater in a gelatinous case. The eggs, which look like pink pearls, will float nearer to the surface of the water after the fertilisation process is complete.

Rhombus egg masses can measure up to two metres in length and are a rare sight.


According to metro.co.uk