Gillette has rolled out a few figures to support its venture into heated razor blades. According to the company, 54 percent of men run blades under hot water before shaving, 47 percent shave after showering and 15 percent use a hot towel before they shave. Perhaps most startling, 71 percent say their shave should be enjoyable (who are these masochists making up the other 29 percent?).



In any case, Gillette is looking to bring the heat with a high-tech razor that warms up your skin as its glides across its sensitive pores. The razor rests in a wireless charging mount like an electric toothbrush and features a power button midway down the handle.

Once fired up, the Heated Razor is said to reach the user's desired temperature setting in less than a second, with a choice of either 113° F (45 °C) or 122 °F (50 °C). The heat is distributed by a bar built into the razor head beneath the blade array, meaning it should warm up your skin ahead of contact as it is pulled across the surface.The razor is fully waterproof and comes with the shifting head found on Gillette's other razors, allowing it to rotate to maintain solid contact as it encounters the contours of the face. The warmth level can be changed by simply holding down the power button, and each charge is said to be good for six uses.



Gillette says it isn't running an Indiegogo campaign for the Heated Razor because it needs cash, but because of the opportunities for feedback and product optimization as it heads toward production. It has been met with great success so far, having sold out of Heated Razors ahead of its slated February delivery date, though we'd expect more to become available in time at the recommended retail price of US$169.

You can check out the pitch video below, which has to be right up there in terms of over dramatization of everyday products (the company has apparently traveled the world to immerse itself in the culture of heat and warmth).

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